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Marco Polo Travel Blocks

Marco Polo Travel Blocks is a block puzzle game in a Sudoku grid that will let you take an interesting trip around the world. This simple but challenging puzzle game is suitable for those who like to travel and discover new places.
Place blocks in the 9×9 board and fill rows, columns or squares to remove them from the game. Play as long as you want and don’t run out of space, and beat the level score to travel to a new place!

How to play:
  • Drag shapes onto the board to place them in the grid.
  • Fill a row, column or square to clear blocks from the board.
  • Collect as many points as you can to beat the level score and discover a new place!
  • Become a puzzle master and discoverer of beautiful and unique places at the same time!
  • Take your time and take it easy. Relax while you play and exercise your mind at the same time.
Special features of the block game:
  • Beautiful pictures of places around the world combined with pleasant sound effects!
  • Relaxing gameplay without pressure or time limit.
  • A small game that takes up hardly any space on your device.
  • Playable offline so you can really play this classic game anywhere.

Have a wonderful and relaxing puzzle journey!

GOGU Systems GmbH is a software house from Munich, which has been developing sophisticated and exciting software for more than 25 years. Developing game apps is a passion of ours, which can be reflected in the TravelBlocks app.